We are temporarily closing the spa with immediate effect but we still have an awesome offer and some great “at home” tips. We wish you all well and we will stay in touch with you on our social media platforms.

Buy a Voucher before end April to get the Massage Special

Since we are all on lock down for our own safety, we are offering you the chance to pre-book our massage special. Everyone will need some pampering and relaxation once the restrictions are lifted. ⠀
Buy a voucher for R349 before end of April, and you can use that towards a massage to the value of R560 (37.5% discount- R211) from 1 May until end of December. ⠀

Terms of the Special:
– The massage special will be upheld until end of December in exchange for a voucher purchased from 24 March to 31 May 2020.

At Origin hygiene is a top priority

At Origin Wellness Spa we have always made it a priority to follow exceptional spa hygiene and good housekeeping practices so that our clients’ and therapists’ health is not put at risk.
Follow our recommended hand cleansing routine during the lockdown
– Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before you leave home to go food shopping. Cleanse at your destination and again as soon as you get home.
– Wipe the exterior packaging of your groceries down with a food-safe disinfectant before putting them away. 
– Transfer food like dried beans and cereal to clean containers to avoid retouching packaging.
– Regularly sanitise your house keys and car keys.
– Disinfect all door and cupboard door handles, light switches, and any metal surfaces.

Protect your mental wellness

For many people, going through an extended period of social distancing, apart from loved ones and friends, is stressful and depressing.  Here are five positive practices that will protect your positive mental wellbeing while you self-isolate.
– Have a positive daily routine and stick to it as much as you can: Eat, sleep, exercise, maintain contact with friends and family, catch up on non-fake news – and do something fun every day.
Maintain community and social connection:  Voice-to-voice communication is much better than texting. Pick up the phone and speak to, or video-call, your friends and family.
Get outside into the sunshine and fresh air for a few minutes:  Step into your garden, onto your balcony or even onto your doorstep to feel the sun on your face.
Use the time to de-clutter your home:  Take the opportunity to de-clutter, clean and reorganise your home for a feeling of accomplishment.
Practice gratitude:  This is not an easy to do in this tough time, but practicing gratitude for the things you have has been proven over and again to be incredibly beneficial to mental wellbeing.

DIY exfoliating face mask from the pantry

​Keen to have a facial while stuck at home? There are everyday foods that can double as ingredients for an exfoliating DIY facial mask.  This mask can be made by blending coffee grounds, brown sugar and coconut oil in a small bowl:

• One tablespoon of fresh coffee grinds
• One tablespoon brown sugar
• One tablespoon organic coconut oil
Apply the mask to a clean face, avoiding the eye area.  Leave the mask on for 15 minutes then rinse your face with lukewarm water and pat dry. Finish off with your usual toner and moisturizer. The coffee and sugar act as natural exfoliants to remove dead skin cells and brighten the skin tone. Coffee contains antioxidants to protect against harmful free radicals and the coconut oil will help to keep your skin hydrated.

How to boost your immune system

​Eating and sleeping well, and getting regular exercise, are well-known to help to boost one’s immune system. Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin well-known for its role in supporting a healthy immune system, but your body cannot make vitamin C, so it must come from supplements and the foods you eat.  As an antioxidant, vitamin C fights free radicals in the body which may help prevent or delay certain cancers and heart disease, and promote healthy aging.

Vitamin C is good for the body inside and out. Origin Wellness Spa’s Baobab Tree Vitamin C facial works wonders for visibly firming, tightening and brightening the skin and refining enlarged pores. It is excellent for refining skin texture, reducing pigmentation and rejuvenating aged skin.

At Origin, hygiene has always been a priority

​We believe it is vital that all of our salon surfaces, equipment and linens are thoroughly cleaned and sterilised between every single usage, and at Origin there are no shortcuts to this procedure.

Follow our recommended home hygiene tips to combat coronavirus
– Disinfect high-touch areas in your home like door handles, light switches, table tops and kitchen counters at least once a day.
– Wash your hands after loading dirty laundry into the washing machine.
– If you can, hang your washing outside in the sunlight or at an open window – the sun’s UV rays are a natural disinfectant.