A Positive Outlook


Eleanor Roosevelt famously said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”  Some of your dreams may be big and bold, and some may even seem impossible to achieve on the face of it. We believe that reaching your dreams starts when you re-imagine today.  Here is the first is our series of nine tips for making your dreams a reality in 2020:
Tip#1 – Be Positive
The more positive you are, the more you will be open to exciting opportunities and success.  Happy New Year!

Be Confident


To succeed you need to believe in yourself. Self-confidence can help you to take on the world with more energy, and result in better relationships and a feeling of being connected with your surroundings.   Here is the second in our series of five tips for making your dreams a reality in 2020:
Tip#2: Be confident
Both men and women feel confident when they look good – and looking good starts with healthy glowing skin.
Face the New Year with confidence. Book a rejuvenating 30-minute Esse Express Facial.

A Sense of Fun



Many of us know this profound truth:  Through hard work anything is possible.  But, in order to benefit from work-life balance it is as important to also know that people who truly reach their dreams in the most profound way, have fun along the way. Here is tip three for making your dreams a reality in 2020:

Tip#3: Make every step fun
Face the New Year with a sense of fun and creating your dreams will become easier as you are inspired to take each new step.
Book a relaxing Spa Manicure and have fun rocking glamorous summer nails.

Loving support


It is said that we are the sum of the people we hang out with, so surround yourself with positive friends and role models who believe in themselves – and you to reach your dreams.  Here is tip number four in making your dreams a reality in 2020:
Tip#4: Surround yourself with supportive people
Spend time, regularly, in the company of good friend. We think spending a morning at Origin Wellness Spa is a great way to indulge in quality time with someone special.
Book yourselves a revitalising 60-minute Baobab Tree Vitamin C treatment. 

Focus forward


Your dreams may not materialise overnight, so it is important to ‘focus forward’ by visualising awesome future opportunities.  Have you ever slept on a problem and then woken to the answer?  When you visualise your dream before it happens, your sub-conscious responds, bringing to the fore what needs to be done. Tip number five for making your dreams a reality in 2020 is:
Tip#5: Focus forward
Focusing forward takes quality thinking time. Treat yourself to regular, quality ‘me time’ at Origin Wellness Spa – perfect for visualising your dreams.
Treat yourself to some quality ‘me time’ and book a 60-minute Honeybush Hydrating & Rejuvenating Facial.

Good Health


healthy mind and body affects every area of our life.  Fitting in exercise and healthy eating into a busy schedule is not easy, but if you’re looking for the extra confidence and motivation to achieve your dreams, it is one of the most vital things you can choose to do.  Tip six in making your dreams a reality is:
Tip#6:  Pursue good health
Massage can be a powerful tool to help you take charge of your health. Studies demonstrate that it is an effective treatment for reducing stress, anxiety, pain and muscle tension. 
Book a relaxing 60-minute Swedish Massage to work away tension and relieve stress.

Sense of Adventure

Life is an exciting journey.  When pursuing your dreams don’t follow a path made by someone else, rather blaze a trail of your own for others to follow. Tip number eight for working towards reaching your dream is:
Tip#7:  See life as an adventure
 An adventure will involve challenging oneself and trying out new things – and every adventurer needs a tranquil oasis like Origin Wellness Spa at which to relax and recharge.
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Face the year being an inspiration to others

It is a gift to help others to realise their dreams. The fact is that our greatest successes in life often come through helping others to succeed – and when you focus on helping others succeed your eventual reward will always be far greater than what it cost you. Our seventh tip for making your dreams a reality is:

Tip#8: Be an inspiration to others

There is evidence that helping others is actually beneficial for your own mental health and wellbeing. We believe that in helping others to reach their dream, you will reach your own.

Treat your feet before you go out on the town

It’s New Year’s Eve and time to head out to dance the night away before welcoming in the New Year.  Before you do, why not treat your feet?  Book a foot massage and scrub before letting us give you a gorgeous Spa Pedicure, so you can confidently put your best foot forward on the dance floor tonight.  Happy New Year!