Get ready for Valentine’s Week


There is a whole week in February dedicated to love! Valentine’s Week starts on 7th February with Rose Day where couples in love, or friends, exchange a rose – a red rose for love or a yellow rose for friendship. Get ready for romance as we prepare you to sweep your other half off their feet in our beauty-inspired lead up to V-Day.   
Firstly, don’t wait until the night before to start your beauty prep.  Start now to make a habit of getting enough beauty sleep to look younger and healthier.  And we recommend you book a 60-minute Hydrating Facial about a week before Valentine’s Day for beautiful, glowing skin.

Treat your sweetheart to a Valentine’s Day treat


Massage can boost feel good neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotoninendorphins and oxytocin – the same hormones that are released when you fall in love. So, share the love and treat your sweetheart to the gift of a massage treatment at Origin Spa – it’s even better than chocolate!

Valentine’s Week is the perfect time to get down on one knee



If you have been holding back for just the right moment to pop the question, Propose Day on the 8th February was created to give you the perfect opportunity to ask for your loved one’s hand in marriage – and in a leap year anything goes!
Our second beauty tip in the lead up to a hot Valentine’s Day celebratory date is to make sure your hands and nails look stunning for the moment when your darling takes your hand in theirs.  Book a 60-minute spa manicure and choose your favourite red polish to complete the Valentine look.

Is there anything more romantic than love and chocolate?


The third day in Valentine’s Week is 9th February, or Chocolate Day, when people who are in love give each other the gift of chocolate.  We say, why stop there when you can also give choccies to your friends and family, too? 
Our third beauty preparation tip to make sure you look stunning on your Valentine’s Day date is to spend the night in, giving yourself a coconut oil and honey hair mask. Using two to four tablespoons of coconut oil blended with a tablespoon of honey, massage this fragrant mixture onto clean, towel-dried hair and then cover with a shower cap for 30 to 60 minutes.  Shampoo it out and condition your hair as usual.

Day four of Valentine’s Week is Teddy Day


Ask any girl, teddies bring back memories of childhood and being tucked up in bed.  Valentine’s teddies represent love and security.  Gift your beloved a cute teddy bear or teddy bear card on this special day and make them smile.
Our fourth beauty tip as you prepare for an epic Valentine’s Day is to indulge in an Origin Spa Aromatherapy Massage – where light pressured massage therapy with highly concentrated plant oils promotes relaxation, decongestion and healing.

Valentine’s Week would not be complete without Hug Day


Every year, in Valentine’s Week, 12th February is Hug Day.  A hug can be casual or intimate – it depends who you share it with. A long hug can stimulate oxytocin in the body – this promotes bonding between people and can truly bring you closer together.
Our fifth beauty tip in the lead up to a fabulous Valentine’s Day date is to make sure you have your favourite fragrance on hand.  Perfume often has a positive association with the wearer – and smelling great is known to enhance our mood and boost our confidence.

Face the new decade being an inspiration to others

It is a gift to help others to realise their dreams.   The fact is that our greatest successes in life often come through helping others to succeed – and when you focus on helping others succeed your eventual reward will always be far greater than what it cost you. Our eighth tip for making your dreams a reality in 2020 is:
Tip#8:  Be an inspiration to others
There is evidence that helping others is actually beneficial for your own mental health and wellbeing. We believe that in helping others to reach their dream, you will reach your own.

Embrace the new decade full of renewed energy

Low energy levels can make it challenging to effectively accomplish our daily goals – a daunting thought at the start of a new year.  Massage therapy can help to reduce fatigue and to increase energy by aiding the blood flow that delivers oxygen to all the cells in our bodies. 
Tip#9:  Manage your energy
We recommend regular massage therapy to assist in maintaining overall health and wellbeing – freeing you to face “the twenties” head-on and make your dreams a reality.

Embrace a new decade of work-life balance

Looking for new-found balance in life and work?  Try breaking up your workday by working in short bursts.  Settle on an achievable goal in the time allotted and get the task done.  When you’ve completed it, give yourself time to do something fun – like take a walk or have a quick coffee with friend.  Or you could treat yourself to a 20-minute ‘mini-mani’ to shape and polish your nails.
Tip#10:  Work in short bursts
Working in focused time blocks help your mind to stay fresh.  It is a great way to be productive in completing many short tasks or to break a big task down into bite-size chunks.

Embrace a new decade of wellbeing

Your wellbeing has physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual elements to it.  We believe that each week we all should give ourselves a different self-care task – one that promotes different aspects of our wellbeing.  Some of them may be luxurious and other could be considered as ‘routine maintenance’ but all of them should prioritise our own health and happiness.
Tip11:  Develop a self-care plan
Your self-care tasks could be to take a lunch break every day or make time to relax.  It could be to develop supportive friendships or start a yoga class. We recommend taking good care of yourself physically to relieve stress and boost confidence.
Tip#9:  Manage your energy
We recommend regular massage therapy to assist in maintaining overall health and wellbeing – freeing you to face “the twenties” head-on and make your dreams a reality.