Give your best friend the gift of happiness this festive season


Did you know that among the many benefits of enjoying a spa treatment is the biological effect it has on your body in relation to your happiness levels?  A professional massage is known to release serotonin, which is the hormone associated with happiness that helps to improve your mood. This doesn’t make you happy immediately after your massage, but can continue to boost your mood in the days that follow, too.  So, share the happiness and treat your best friend to a massage treatment at Origin Spa.

Origin Spa’s Healthy Gift Guide #1


This festive season, consider adopting a health theme for your gift shopping.   Every step counts – especially during the summer holidays when we eat and drink more than normal. So, why not give your besties a pedometer and give them an incentive to stay active throughout the day. A pedometer is the perfect motivational tool to get your friends off the couch – to put down the TV remote or smartphone and get walking and having fun in the beautiful outdoors.

Give your family the gift of peace this festive season


One of the immediate benefits of having a professional massage is a feeling of deep relaxation and calm. This occurs because massage prompts the release of endorphins – the brain chemicals that produce feelings of wellbeing – while levels of stress hormones, such as adrenalin and cortisol are reduced.  So, share some peace and tranquillity – give your favourite family members a massage at Origin Wellness Spa this festive season.

Origin Spa’s Healthy Gift Guide #2


This festive season, consider adopting a health theme for your gift shopping.  It’s no coincidence that boxers, who are some of the fittest athletes around, regularly skip to help with their cardiovascular fitness and eye-hand coordination.  Why not give your friends and family skipping ropes this festive season and motivate them to jump-start a regular skipping routine for increased fitness?

Give your friends the gift of love this festive season


Spa treatments are a luxury that many of us love to indulge in – be it a relaxing massage after a stressful time, or treating yourself to a facial before a big event.  So ‘share the love’ and treat your family or a good friend to a treatment of their choice at Origin Wellness Spa over the festive season – it will be their favourite gift this year.

Origin Spa’s Healthy Gift Guide #3


This festive season, consider adopting a health theme for your gift shopping. There are many good therapeutic reasons why adult colouring books are all the rage these days.  Colouring exercises the whole brain – employing the creative side of the brain when picking colours and using the frontal lobe for concentration and organisation.  Giving your friends a colouring book will encourage them to take “time out” from the stress and concerns of everyday life.

Looking for a last minute gift for your darling man?

It’s Christmas Eve, but it’s not too late to get your guy something special for his Christmas stocking tomorrow morning!  A professional massage is a real treat – so pop online and book him an Origin Sports Massage. This deep massage therapy technique focuses on reaching contracted muscles in the body to relieve accumulated muscle tension and relieve stress.

Time to give yourself the gift of some ‘me time’

After being wrapped up in work all year, over the festive season we can so easily get so caught up in socialising and doing what is ‘expected’ of us by family and friends that we forget the importance of taking time out for ourselves.  Have you thought about hitting the pause button in your life for just a couple of hours?  Book your favourite luxurious massage and facial at Origin Wellness Spa and put yourself in our hands – we promise to make you look and feel like a million dollars!

Treat your feet before you go out on the town

It’s New Year’s Eve and time to head out to dance the night away before welcoming in the New Year.  Before you do, why not treat your feet?  Book a foot massage and scrub before letting us give you a gorgeous Spa Pedicure, so you can confidently put your best foot forward on the dance floor tonight.  Happy New Year!